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HIVE // The Esports Business Conference

Esports is currently the fastest-growing industry in entertainment, and HIVE has its finger on the pulse of esports business.

The Esports Observer has set out to create a business conference dedicated to sharing knowledge and fostering the growth of esports. HIVE will feature influencers and industry leaders, and host captivating keynotes and panel discussions about current developments.

Whether you’re already invested in esports or want to explore its potential for the first time, HIVE is the place to be.

We are proud to have partnered with:

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At HIVE we have seasoned business professionals, discussing current topics and building relationships for future business. Inform yourself about prevailing business developments, best practices and future opportunities!

Use our networking breaks to connect to the right people to explore future business avenues and strengthen your foothold in the esports business.

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Which synergies can be found in the increasing number of pro sports investments? How do you organize an esports event? What’s coming up in emerging markets? What are the implications of IP-ownership by publishers? Do esports teams have a business model?

These are just a few of the questions we hear from people entering the esports ecosystem. Hear from the experts as they discuss in detail the most critical and current topics in the esports industry, learn some key takeaways for your business during our panels, and discover new opportunities during our networking sessions.

Confirmed Speakers:

John Bonini

General Manager –

Jens Hilgers

BITKRAFT Esports Ventures

Rafal Mrzyglocki

ARAM Media

Keith Sheldon

Executive Vice President –
Brooklyn SE

Rohit Gupta

Partner –

Jonathan Lai

Director Investments/BD –

Nicole Pike

Managing Director –

Viktor Wanli

Founder and CEO –

Christopher Hana

The Esports Observer

Jason Lake

Founder and CEO –
Complexity Gaming

Allan Phang

Allstars Engagement –

Stephen Hays

Managing Partner –
Deep Space Ventures 

Adam Marsh

Technology Finance – Huntington National Bank

Akshat Rathee

Managing Director –

Make sure to secure your seat for HIVE // New York

New York City is a thriving esports hub. The Big Apple was an easy choice for our first HIVE. With ESL One New York following this conference, we are able to merge esports business and an esports viewing-experience of the highest quality.

Join us in celebrating the union of esports and business in this breathtaking, modern city, that never sleeps.

The Venue:

Deity – Brooklyn

Make sure to secure your seat for HIVE // New York

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